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Samurai Pizza Cats Collection 1 – Anime Review

Growing up in Australia I spent pretty much every morning from school-age watching cartoons via either Agro's Cartoon Connection on the Seven Network or more memorably, Cheez TV via the Ten Network - back before adult morning shows became...

Digimon: Digital Monsters 02 (2000) Collection 1 – Anime Review

Title: Digimon: Digital Monsters 02 Encompasses: Episodes 1-25 Published by: Madman Entertainment (Australia) Genre: Kids, Adventure Audio: English Subtitles: NONE Classification: This title has been classified as PG for Mild Animated Violence Special Thanks: Madman Entertainment for providing me with a copy of this release to review! 3 years have passed since the Digidestined saved...

Digimon: Digital Monsters Collection 2 – Review

Title: Digimon: Digital Monsters Published by: Madman Entertainment (Australia / New Zealand) Based on: Original Anime Series Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy and Drama Audio: English Dubs Subtitles: None Aspect Ratio: Full-Frame Original Ratio (4:3) Runtime: 675 minutes Cost: $49.95 Classification: This title has been classified PG for Mild...

Digimon: Digital Monsters Collection 1 – Review

This alongside many older series have been heavily requested for many years now, with one of the those being the original Digimon seasons. Whilst I don't believe any companies prior have done a DVD release of this series -Madman Entertainment have stepped forward and decided to take action by releasing the first season of Digimon in two DVD collections, with the second collection due out next month. This was a staple for morning television back when I was in primary school, in which you were almost guaranteed to have at least half your class watching it, and another couple of people being closet watchers (A bit extreme perhaps, but Cheez TV was serious business back then). If you want to rewatch the series or were not able to see it upon its original release, read on to find out how this series holds up in 2011.