Gigantic Army

Nyu Media Pushes Gigantic Army Past Steam Greenlight on Launch Day

While many games can spend potentially months stuck in Steam Greenlight waiting for enough fan reception to build to warrant for its release on the Steam service, Nyu Media have announced that in under 24 hours of the game...

Nyu Media Announce Release of Gigantic Army on PC

Nyu Media have just announced the release of their side-scrolling mech shooter Gigantic Army, a part of their third wave of Japanese indie games originally developed by Astro Port. Priced at $5.99, you can pick the game up through...

WARNING: Nyu Media’s Third Wave of Games Approaching

Publisher / localizer of Japanese indie games Nyu Media have brought us a number of memorable titles in their first two waves - from the hair pulling experience that was Eryi's Action to the fast paced sky "bullet hell" title...
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