Eric Cherry

Hanabee Entertainment Announce Plans for 2020, End Rooster Teeth Partnership

Founded by Eric Cherry almost eight years ago to service the Australian and New Zealand markets, Hanabee Entertainment was an anime publisher which brought a number of acclaimed works to audiences including Bakemonogatari, Kokoro Connect, Gatchaman Crowds, No Game...

Interview With Hanabee Entertainment – “2013 and Beyond”

2013 has been another big year for the Australian anime industry, with four publishers now vying for the attention of fans with a wealth of licences in addition to all the other world / Australian premieres, special guests and...

New Australian Anime Company Hanabee Launches, Headed by Former CEO of Siren Visual

So far in Australia we have a few companies that release animated titles, however the big three for anime so far are Madman Entertainment, Siren Visual and Magna Home Entertainment - albeit the latter seeming to focus on more...
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