Five Classic Anime to Binge Watch on AnimeLab This Weekend

Image Credit: VectorMine - With the weekend almost upon up and there still being the stay-at-home order for COVID-19 in effect, many will turn to online video-on-demand streaming services to keep themselves entertained.

Chobits Blu-ray Collection – Review

Remember Chobits? The name-brand anime series from 2001 which has spawned off countless cosplay adaptations and had characters from it appear in every CLAMP anime series since? Well guess what! You can relive the glory of it with this Blu-ray SD remastered version of the series at one low price. CLAMP have always released some interesting titles, however I think it is safe to say that Chobits has remained one of the more famous of them. For those who are interested in the series as a whole, or how the quality compares to the original DVD release, then read in for my review of Chobits Blu-ray Collection.

New Anime/Manga Titles for May 2011 in Australia

We have arrived at this time of month where all current titles for April have been released and therefore we eagerly await for the next months supply of our anime fix. Thankfully, both Siren Visual AND Madman Entertainment have...

A Speedy Manga Review IV

This brings me up to the fourth "A Speedy Manga Review". This time, I will start reviewing not only newly blogged manga, but second volumes of manga. The three I am doing the speedy reviews on this time are...: Chobits...
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