iam8bit to Publish 3xLP Vinyl Soundtrack of RARE’s Sea of Thieves

RARE’s 2018 open-seas action-adventure game Sea of Thieves may not have had as big a lasting impact on the gaming industry as the developer’s earlier works, but there is not to say there were not some fantastic elements of it – its soundtrack being one. Now in 2021, merchandising company iam8bit and Rare have announced that a triple-LP vinyl soundtrack of Sea of Thieves is expected to ship in Q3 2021 – with pre-orders open right now.

This collection will feature 38 tracks across the 3-LPs, coming in at a total of 125 minutes of music. To help you get into the pirate’s frame of mind, the collection’s hardcover book jacket opens to reveal a special 24-page bound-in storybook. “Merry” Merrick shares some of his tall tales from a life at sea, supported by nautical illustrations by Vivian Shih. Liner notes include shanty lyrics, in case you feel compelled to belt out a few tunes with confidence.

Being a little bit creative with things, the centre labels on each disc include pop-up papercraft art, which lends a three-dimensional effect in the form of tiny ships, dancing people, and other whimsical Sea of Thieves references.

The soundtrack of Sea of Thieves was composed by Robin Beanland, who has worked on several Rare properties in the past including Jet Force Gemini, Killer Instinct, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. According to an analysis shared by iam8bit, he “delivered an impressively diverse audio score that goes far beyond the expected sea shanties” and that “His evocative work captures the hull-splintering terror of naval combat, the wonder of setting foot on an unexplored island, and — fine — a sea shanty or two”.

The collection is due for release in Q3 2021 and will be available at a premium price of $99.99 USD. Click HERE to pre-order.

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