Gold Coast Film Festival 2016 to Conclude Tomorrow With A Varied Line-Up

While it seems like it was only yesterday when the Gold Coast Film Festival kicked off for 2016 with the film Eddie the Eagle. But following ten days of films, special guest Q&A’s, REELLIFE seminars and more – the festival is set to conclude tomorrow evening. But for those not attending the Supanova Pop Culture Expo at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre – the festival’s final day is set to offer a number of great and unique films.

For a list of films being screened tomorrow, keep on reading:

Drama/Thriller | BCC Coolangatta | 10.00am | No Q&A

In this powerful drama from Atom Egoyan (The Sweet Hereafter), Christopher Plummer gives a powerhouse performance as Zev Guttman, an elderly Auschwitz survivor suffering the effects of early dementia who embarks on a mission to find – and kill – the Nazi commander responsible for the death of his family. But as Zev’s journey progresses, his failing memory starts to erode both his sense of self and the purpose of his hunt.


Drama | The Arts Centre Gold Coast | 10.30am | Q&A with Composer Emily Barker

Hector is in his sixties, and has been living a marginal life on the motorways for years. Every year he journeys south from Scotland to a temporary Christmas shelter in London. This year, increasingly conscious of his frailty and mortality, he tries to re-establish his long-estranged relationships with his sister and brother. HECTOR conveys the hard realities of homelessness whilst ultimately being a celebration of community and friendship.

Girl Asleep
Comedy/Fantasy | BCC Coolangatta | 1.00pm | No Q&A

Fresh from its Berlin Film Festival Premiere, GIRL ASLEEP is set in 1970s Australia and follows Greta (Bethany Whitmore), who is not only awkward, shy and in the throes of adolescence, but also finds herself in a new suburb – and new school – just days before she turns 15. The debut feature from director Rosemary Myers, GIRL ASLEEP is a quirky, surreal and charming take on the eternal coming- of-age tale, which also stars local Gold Coast talent Eamon Farren.

Early Winter
Drama | The Arts Centre Gold Coast | 1.30pm | Q&A with Producer Trish Lake

David lives a predictable life with his wife Maya and their two children. To please his wife with the latest gadgets, David works as a janitor in a retirement home. But when he begins to suspect that Maya is having an affair, he starts to lose ground, his past threatening to smash everything in his path. Beautifully observed, EARLY WINTER reflects on how we seek happiness through our romantic partnerships, and the price we pay.

The Brand New Testament
Comedy | The Arts Centre Gold Coast | 4.00pm | No Q&A

God is real. And he lives in a flat in Brussels. His young daughter Ea is keen to change things, but is warned not to have “crazy ideas like her brother.” But after a short talk with “JC”, she decides to find six new disciples and create a brand new testament. Satirical but uplifting, this is perhaps the most realistic version of optimism you’ll see for a long time.

Louder Than Bombs
Drama | BCC Coolangatta | 6.30pm | No Q&A

In this top-notch ensemble drama, Isabelle Huppert plays acclaimed war photographer Isabelle Reed, who tragically dies in a car accident after retiring from the frontlines. Three years on, her family is still struggling with her death, and when Isabelle’s former colleague plans an article that will reveal her death to be a suicide, all are forced to confront their own unspoken truths.

A Month of Sundays – Closing Night Film
Drama | The Arts Centre Gold Coast | 6.30pm | Q&A with Director Matthew Saville

Set in the suburbs of Adelaide, Anthony LaPaglia plays real estate agent Frank, a lonely divorced father whose mother has recently died. One evening he receives a call from an elderly widow who accidentally mistakes Frank for her own son, but nonetheless she quickly becomes his surrogate mother, providing much needed affection. Beautifully performed and written, A MONTH OF SUNDAYS is a bittersweet take on how lives evolve as we inevitably get older.