Pre-Orders Open for Flare’s Sexy Nekopara Figure Featuring Chocola and Vanilla

While the Nekopara series has been around for a fair few years now, the release of an anime adaptation earlier this year appears to have triggered an increased demand for figures based on the characters – especially the catgirls Chocola and Vanilla. As of yesterday, figure manufacturer Flare have thrown their hat into the ring, and begun pre-orders for their new figures of the pair.

Adapting original artwork created by Nekopara artist Sayori, each figure features either Chocola or Vanilla in sexy striped lingerie, paired with a cloth base to display them on. Each is one half of a complete figure, and can be displayed either individually or together.

When placed together, the pair comes in at 130mm in height and 230mm in length. You can purchase them individually for a recommended retail price of 15,000 yen or together at a slightly reduced recommended retail price of 28,800 yen (or 14,400 yen apiece). Regardless of what purchase decision you make, both are expected to be available from August 2021.

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