On Christmas Eve and Christmas, Skeb Removes All Request Fees

For those not aware of the service, SKEB is a website which allows clients to pitch paid requests to thousands of Japanese artists. What sets it apart from others, despite the sheer number of artists actively using the service, is that it features integration with the DeepL machine learning translation platform, allowing you to submit requests in English or any number of other languages supported by the service. You can read my in-depth review on the service HERE.

This news may not directly impact clients, as those outside of Japan are unable to use the service as an artist unless they have a Japanese bank account, but it is seeing more artists taking requests over the next couple of days. Following their announcement a few days ago that request fees, the cut of the commission that the service would take, would be indefinitely lowered to 3.9%, a Christmas promotion is seeing that sum dropped even lower. On Christmas Eve (Today) and Christmas Day (Tomorrow), artists will not be required to pay any request fee to the service.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas, Skeb Removes All Request Fees 1
Skeb allows you to commission artwork from your favourite Japanese artists. This can range from everything from illustrations of a character or characters, to logos.

This deal covers all requests (public, anonymous or hidden) approved during this period, and can cover requests sent through previous to today. Looking on Twitter, a few artists who have very rarely taken art requests, have decided to do so exclusively over this period. To see which artists are accepting requests at this time, visit the Skeb Website.



Past results have confirmed that the number of creators who resume accepting requests during the preferential commission campaign period increases rapidly, and the approval rate of requests also increases significantly.

Why don’t you take this opportunity to send requests to your clients?


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