Recent Updates to Pixiv’s Request Service

Last month, Japan’s largest online artwork community Pixiv rolled out a request system to its users. As its name implies, this functionality allows any artist on the service to begin accepting paid requests from the community, and should they like a concept, accept it, and produce it within a 60-day deadline. To date, more than 5,000 requests have been sent by clients to artists on Pixiv.

With this being a brand new concept introduced onto a pre-existing website, it felt like what we received at first was more a beta test of things to come. Fortunately, as the weeks have progressed, while there are still some “coming soon” notices included where desirable features are noted, the website’s developers have continued to update the Requests System.

Below is a list of what has currently been incorporated into the service since its launch, recently shared by Pixiv:

The Requests team has been working on various feature updates to ensure an even more enjoyable user experience. In this update, we’re introducing the main changes we made to the Requests feature in the month of October.

■ We have added labels and badges to show creators that a request comes from one of their FANBOX FANs.

■ The Requests portal ( now displays even more creators accepting requests, making it easier to find creators.

■ Users will now receive a notification to their registered e-mail address when they receive a new request.

■ The payment history has been changed to display the newest payments first. Also, canceled items in the payment history are now displayed in a clearer way.

■ As many users forgot the R-18 and R-18G settings, they are now displayed in a clearer way.

We will continue to make various improvements to the Requests feature to make it more fun and easier to use for our users.

[Source: Pixiv Website]

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