The [email protected] Cinderella Girls U149 Livestream Taking Place to Celebrate First Soundtrack Release

Coinciding with the release of the U149 ANIMATION MASTER 01 Shine In The Sky☆ soundtrack in Japan, special commemorative livestreams will be hosted on the official Nippon Columbia livestream on 18 April 2023 from 8.00pm JST.

This livestream will feature a number of the anime and video game’s voice cast, including:

Voice ActorCharacter
Amina SatōArisu Tachibana
Haruka TeruiMomoka Sakurai
Tomoyo KurosawaMiria Akagi
Yuri KomoriKoharu Koga

This stream will be of particular note to Yuri Komori, with this being her first live broadcast, as per the below tweet:

Being a part of The [email protected] franchise, U149 is set to be very music heavy, so it should come as no surprise that multiple soundtracks will be released during the anime’s run. The first animation master exclusively features the anime’s opening theme – Shine In The Sky☆ – however features eleven different versions of it: an all-cast version, an instrumental version and nine solo character versions (Arisu Tachibana, Momoka Sakurai, Miria Akagi, Risa Matoba, Haru Yuuki, Chie Sasaki, Kaoru Ryuzaki, Ninja Ichihara and Koharu Koga).

A direct feed of the livestream is available below:


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