HIDIVE to Stream HELCK in Summer 2023 Anime Season

Casting their gaze to the middle of the year, international anime streaming service HIDIVE has announced that the upcoming action fantasy series HELCK will be streaming exclusively on their platform during Japan’s upcoming Summer 2023 anime season. This will be a simulcast, meaning you can access each new episode simultaneously or reasonably soon following its original broadcast in Japan.

HELCK will be directed by Tatsuo Sato together with writing by Toshizo Nemoto and Mitsutaka Hirota, character design by Yoshinori Deno, and animation by SATELIGHT Inc. The Japanese voice cast includes Katsuyuki Konishi as titular character Helck, Mikako Komatsu as Vermilio, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Azudra, Akira Ishida as Hon and Shiki Aoki as Asta.

The TV anime of HELCK is based on the shounen manga series written and illustrated by Nanaki Nanao. The 12-volume HELCK manga series launched in 2014 and was serialized in both Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday website and MangaONE. 

We’re thrilled to offer the highly anticipated anime series HELCK as a HIDIVE exclusive. This exciting new action fantasy series is just the first of many exclusive simulcasts that our subscribers – especially shōnen fans – can look forward to watching on HIDIVE this summer!

John Ledford – President of HIDIVE


 A certain country in the demon world. The Demon King was defeated by the hands of one of the heroes, and a competition was held for the title of the New Demon King. The Imperial Four Heavenly Kings Vermilio, who is in charge of the tournament, is furious at the participation of the human hero Helck, who is supposed to be his enemy. After receiving news of the fall of the castle of Urum before the final, Vermilio sets out to retake Urum Castle with Helck and other finalists. With a smile, Helck says, “Let’s destroy humans.” Are those words true? The truth behind the smile is…


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