English Voice Cast Announced for Anime, Alice in Borderland

Eager to pick up Alice in Borderland when it arrives on store shelves in North America from 21 December 2021? Publisher Sentai has confirmed who will be voicing whom in the upcoming international release, announced alongside the first English dub trailer for the anime (available above).

The English Dub of Alice in Borderland featured Shannon D. Reed as Director, both Bryan Leach and David Lascoe as Audio Engineers, translation work by Deven Neel, Joel McCray and Shannon D. Reed as ADR Writers and Brent Marshall as Mix Engineer. The voice cast is as follows:

CharacterVoice Actor
ArisuJeremy Gee
ChotaGreg Ayres
KarubeJoe Daniels
ShibukiRachael Messer
Arisu’s BrotherBryson Baugus
Arisu’s FatherMark Mendelsohn
ChishiyaBlake Jackson
“Game Announcer”Cat Thomas
Old ManKyle Colby Jones
Player AJohn Swasey
Player BJohn Gremillion
Player CBenjamin McLaughlin
Player DDaniel Regojo
Player EJay Hickman
Player FGabriel Regojo
Player GSam Butler
Radio VoiceCourtland Johnson 
UsagiOlivia Swasey

About Alice in Borderland

Ryohei Arisu is bored with life. Nothing is new or exciting, and playing games is the only relief from the endless monotony of a seemingly pointless existence. If only, he wishes, he could be someplace else… a different world… where things were more exciting. Then Ryohei and his friends, Daikichi and Chota, see what seems to be an incredibly powerful firework in the sky, brighter than any shooting star, and when they can see again, they discover that they’re in an entirely new reality. Unfortunately, as they quickly learn, while this new world is, indeed, far more exciting, it’s also incredibly dangerous. Trapped in a post-apocalyptic environment where the only way to survive is to compete in a series of increasingly deadly games, Ryohei and his friends have no choice except to adapt or perish in ALICE IN BORDERLAND!


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