KonoSuba Season 2 Now Dubbed on AnimeLab

Coinciding with the Australian home video release of KonoSuba Season 2 on Blu-ray, streaming service AnimeLab is now offering the complete season dubbed into English. The episodes are only available to premium subscribers of the service, and can be accessed by clicking HERE.

With this addition to the video-on-demand streaming service, all 21 current episodes of KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World across two seasons are available with the option of Japanese voice overs or English dubbing.

After their fight with the Destroyer, Kazuma is brought in by the law for subversive, even traitorous activities! However, in a show of perfect camaraderie, his friends and everyone from the Guild band together to clear his name and – okay, listen… none of that happened….

Abandoned by friends, stuck in jail, subjected to a humiliating lie detector test, and then finally brought before a corrupt court, Kazuma’s life hits the bottom of the barrel. But the adventure isn’t even close to done, as Darkness pulls rank to save his life… but at what cost? And how are they going to kill the Devil King when they’re down a Crusader? Find out in this, the second chapter of a grand, epic tale of… pffthahaha!

AnimeLab is an online anime streaming service managed by Madman Entertainment. It’s accessible only to those residing in Australia and New Zealand and offers a basic service free with video quality, dub and availability timeframe limitations. For those looking for access to no simulcast delays, no ads, full back-catalogue access and high definition video can take advantage of a premium subscription membership for $7.95AUD/month or $79.50AUD/year.


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