Kud Wafter Returns Anime Film Postponed Until Late November 2020

Back in 2017, crowdfunding commenced for an anime movie based on KEY’s Kud Wafter visual novel. A romance comedy to their highly acclaimed Little Busters! franchise, this tells a “what if” storyline in an alternate reality where the field trip ended without incident. Through events leading to Riki Naoe and Kudryavka Noumi (aka. Kud) becoming roommates in their high school’s dormitory, romance blossoms between the two of them. Having accomplished its original Japanese crowdfunding goal and subsequent campaign through Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) to bring the film to western markets, fans have been waiting for years now.

Following earlier announcements including a change in directors and a year-long delay in Kud Wafter Returns’ release, this month, the film was due to begin being streamable and shipping out. Unfortunately in a notice sent out to all backers a couple of days ago, the release has been delayed until Late November 2020. This is due to the film “(reaching) a certain level” but not having “the quality the production staff desires”.

A full copy of the update, which includes changes to some tier rewards due to COVID-19 and justifications behind the day can be found below:

To all supporters,

Thank you very much for your support of the anime adaptation of Kud Wafter.

We would like to update you on the return that was meant to be delivered in September 2020.

Despite the spread of COVID-19, the production staff worked their hardest to finish the product by the deadline. As a result, the film has reached a certain level but doesn’t have the quality the production staff desires, so they need a little more time for final adjustments.

They deliberated on whether they should prioritize the deadline or take the extra step to make it an even better film. In the end, they decided that their biggest responsibility was to deliver the best product they could to their waiting supporters, so they are asking for a little more time.

The delivery date of the return has changed from September 2020 to late November 2020.

We also have a notice about the event included in one of the returns.

[Regarding the Participation in the Completion Party]
Returns in courses I to K included participation in the secret and completion parties, but because of COVID-19, it has become very difficult to hold these events this year.
It’s difficult to guarantee the safety of attendees and speakers, so we are in the middle of considering other plans to replace these events for our supporters. Please check back at a later date for more information.

[Regarding Notifications]
We’re very sorry that we were unable to update you for a long time.
We will continue to update you through Tokyo Otaku Mode as well as offer information to TOM supporters that can’t be found elsewhere.


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