Sentai Acquire Retro Sci-Fi Anime Locke the Superman

Adapted from a manga series which is still ongoing today and spans more than 100 volumes, Sentai has announced they hold the rights to retro Sci-Fi Anime Locke the Superman. Produced by Nippon Animation, this production will be available soon via select digital outlets, in addition to home video formats across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Locke the Superman is set in the distant future, and follows the protagonist Locke, whose psionic powers blur the line between human and god, drifts aimlessly through space and time. But after centuries of isolation and obscurity, Locke is visited by Colonel Yamaki, who conscripts him into a burgeoning galactic war. There Locke must battle devastating psychic soldiers controlled by the mysterious Lady Khan… even if it means facing down a menace that has been engineered to obliterate him completely.

The production was directed by Hiroshi Fukutomi (Battle Angel Alita, Suzuka, Whistle!) and stars Keichi Nanba (Blue Seed, Ranma ½, Dragon Quest: Dai’s Great Adventure) as Locke, Taeko Nakanishi (Cutey Honey, Sailor Moon R, Emma: A Victorian Romance) as Lady Kahn, Keiko Han (Sailor Moon, Mobile Suit Gundam, Saint Seiya) as Jessica Orin and Yoshito Yasuhara (Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Tokyo ESP, Golden Kamuy Second Season) as Ryu Yamaki.

This is not the first time Locke the Superman has been licensed for western distribution, with Sentai being the fourth since its original release in 1984.


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