Two Weeks Remain in Kud Wafter Anime Movie Crowdfunding Campaign

Many months ago, a Japan-exclusive crowdfunding campaign began for the creation of a special animated feature film based on the Little Busters! spin-off visual novel Kud Wafter. This followed the release of a two-season TV anime adaptation of Little Busters!, and several other anime adaptations of KEY / VisualArts visual novel works over the years. In late-October, this crowdfunding campaign was made available to audiences outside of Japan, with a goal of raising an additional 3 million yen for the film to be available in western audiences.

Being handled through Tokyo Otaku Mode’s crowdfunding platform, the campaign has managed to raise more than five million yen from a mere 183 backers. This means that Visual Arts have managed to raise enough money to forge ahead with their plans for western markets. But if you want to nab yourself some of the goodies, you have only two weeks to do so.

Two Weeks Remain in Kud Wafter Anime Movie Crowdfunding Campaign 1

Kud Wafter was initially released as an 18+ visual novel, later being released as an all-ages friendly edition on the PC and portable PlayStation consoles. This is a “what if” series, in an alternate reality where the field trip ended without incident and events see Kudryavka Noumi (Aka. Kud) and series protagonist Riki Naoe become a couple. The film is being worked on by VisualArts, KEY and the animation studio J.C. Staff.

The goal of this project according to the campaign page is “to add English subtitles to the Kud Wafter movie, as well as share rewards from the Japanese campaign with backers worldwide”. They have done this with the money raised, but they are still well off the stretch goal of 15 million yen, which seeks “to extend the length of the film itself” to 60 minutes.

For pledging your money towards the goal, there are a range of pledge rewards ranging from A Course (3,800 yen) to K Course (420,000 yen). Those wanting at least a Blu-ray copy of the film will need to go for the F course, priced at 7,400 yen (including a blu-ray copy of the film soundtrack/theme song CD and special booklet). Those willing to part with more money can receive bonus goodies such as fan appreciation packages, their name in the credits and more.

For more information, you can visit the campaign page HERE.

Two Weeks Remain in Kud Wafter Anime Movie Crowdfunding Campaign 2

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