HIDIVE to Stream Cameo-Filled Comedy Anime KAGINADO

Headed to the streaming service from 12 October 2021 with a new episode airing every Tuesday at 16.30 UTC, anime streaming platform HIDIVE has confirmed their plans to stream the cameo-filled comedy series KAGINADO. Produced by LINDENFILMS (The studio behind Tokyo Revengers, Love and Lies and Arslan Senki), KAGINADO is being released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of visual novel creator KEY. The series features chibi-style characters from CLANNAD, KANON, AIR, Little Busters!, Rewrite and planetarian.

They may have initially brought their readers/viewers to tears with their emotional, heartbreaking school-life stories, but this time the characters are here to make their fans laugh. Viewers should expect their favourite visual novels reimaged and reimagined, in a crossover event that flips the script on expectation and seeks to provide a “fresh take on the characters fans already know and love”.

KAGINADO is being directed by Kazuya Sakamoto, with series composition and scriptwriting from Takashi Aoshima and a musical score from KEY.


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