Ever Dreamed of Building Your Own Music Festival? Festival Tycoons Enters Steam Early Access Phase

A Tycoon Game developed by just one person sounds insane, but that is exactly what the one man indie studio Johannes Gäbler is setting out to do with Festival Tycoon. Being published by Future Friends Games, the ambitious game has entered Steam Early Access – priced at $14.50 AUD or local equivalent – and as of writing has received (on average) positive reception from 10 reviewers.

So… what sort of festivals does Festival Tycoon enable you to build? Festival Tycoon challenges players to create, design, and manage their own music festival empire, growing from a backyard bonanza to an unmissable, Coachella-level event. From booking bands, signing deals, fixing toilets and designing the venue – all these jobs fall upon you as the manager to resolve.

Promoted features of the game include:

🎪 Design the optimal festival layout
Place tents, VIP bungalows, glamorous stages, portaloos, festival decorations and more!

🎸 Book talent and arrange a stellar line-up
Put your bargaining skills and musical taste to the test by hiring a range of bands across the likes of folk, rock and techno.

🎫 Attract sponsors and sell tickets
Appease sponsors like banks, record labels and drink companies for grants.

🤩 Keep the crowds happy
Be wary of your attendees’ satisfaction, as unhappy punters are quick to take to social media and ruin your reputation!

🩹 React to events to ensure the smooth running of your festival
Despatch first aiders and security to deal with common festival occurrences, fix the beer vans, replenish the food supplies and keep the trash from piling up.

📈 Grow your festival empire and react to world events including band breakups, record-breaking album releases, sponsorship spats and more.

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