EVE Echoes Heads to iOS and Android Platforms for Free

For many years now, EVE Online has brought its players an (almost) unregulated opportunity to explore a universe in their space crafts, make money through noble or more shifty means, and begin what could easily be the largest wars found in any online game. The universe has been expanded in a few ways previously, from the VR-exclusive flight simulator EVE: Valkyrie to the short-lived PlayStation 3 first-person shooter Dust 514. The next spin-off game is not headed to console but to smartphones, with EVE Echoes now available for iOS and Android devices.

Co-developed by NetEase Games and CCP Games, EVE Echoes sets out to “(deliver) what players love about EVE Online to mobile platforms”. It seeks to provide a similar experience to the PC version, just more portable, including mechanics which support space exploration, PvE Battles, mining, trading, industry or going up against other players. Not all content from the main game is or will be available in EVE Echoes, but they are looking to implement features including sovereignty and larger ship hulls.

EVE: Valkyrie offers multi-language support including English, Russian, Chinese, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. You can download the app via the iOS App Store or Android Google Play store right now.

I’m very excited to see what millions of mobile players will bring to the EVE universe. I’m sure we’ll see some new adventures, new social structures and new paradigms being formed, which will inspire us, just like EVE on PC has done, to take EVE EchoesEVE Online and all the EVE games even further than we could have ever imagined.

Hilmar Veigar P├ętursson – CEO of CCP Games

Regardless of the outcome, it’s the journey that matters. All our efforts are dedicated to bringing a sense of freedom, belonging, and excitement to our players.

Wei Su – Senior Producer of EVE Echoes at NetEase Games


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