The Tatami Galaxy

The Tatami Galaxy – Review

I loved Welcome to Irabu's Office full stop. It might have been odd at times, however it had that level of comedy that is rare to find in an anime.... where it isnt haha funny, but it makes you giggle simply due to the design technique or the complete oddity of it. I am not sure if Irabu's Office or The Tatami Galaxy came first, however it is evident to see that whilst having similarities the series are different in many ways. Was I able to keep up with the, at times, 500 words per minute at times, or was the series plain boring? Read on for my review of The Tatami Galaxy.

March 2011 Reviews Starting Today + Announcement from Siren Visual

First of all, I was going to start the reviews tonight, however as my first one is going to be on Summer Wars, I wanted to have my Hanafuda set out to do a bit of an explanation..... however,...

New Anime/Manga Titles for March 2011 in Australia

Another month is on the horizon, and with it, the release of new anime and manga titles from our two main companies, Madman Entertainment and Siren Visual. As with last month, I will be posting the title and description...
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