Inside Recon

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Inside Recon #3 Guerilla

In the third installment of the Ghost Recon video series, which provides a look at different gameplay aspects of the game, the team describes the games Guerilla multiplayer mode in which you will co-operalively fight with your friends against waves...

Ubisoft Release “Inside Recon #2 – Technology

Ubisoft today released the second installment of their Inside Recon video series, in which they take a deeper look at the advanced technology that the Ghosts use to accomplish their missions and will of course be at your disposal....

Ubisoft Release “Inside Recon #1 – Animation & Cover” and Q&A With Jean-Marc Geffroy

Ubisoft have just today released a new developers preview of Ghost Recon Future Soldier entitled "Inside Recon - Animation & Cover" which details the animation works put into the game, along with the cover system. Also included with their...
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