Etrian Odyssey

Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan – Recruitment Drive Trailer #10…. ???

These loyal knights use a unique drive blade. Their attacks with it can be devastating, but they place a heavy burden on its inner workings. Get ready to slash your way to victory. While they are currently listed as ???,...

Etrian Odyssey – Review

The graphics for this game are blandish overall. When you enter the Labyrinth, you are greeted with a mildly plain forest, which you walk around in for most of the game. As you will see in a picture later on, it is lush and detailed, but just doesn't cut the mark for most games, even for the Nintendo DS. However, there are a few gems in this game. The character designs, which you don't see very much are very well detailed, so much that it is surprising they wern't incorporated just a little bit more in the game. Also, the background to the menus and towns are very nice as well. Overall, nothing very spectacular and I would expect more, even from a game like this.
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