EB Games Expo 2012

Attending the EB Games Expo this Weekend? Lucky! Pick up a Madman Entertainment Anime Sampler While There

While I will be unable to attend the EB Games Expo this year due to other events that have popped up, anime fans should pop by the Madman Entertainment booth this weekend to pick themselves up a Madman Anime...

Wii U to be Showcased at EB Games Expo 2012

Wii U Game Line-up TrailerĀ  Following recent announcements made for the Wii U, Nintendo Australia have confirmed that their upcoming console will be playable to the public for the first time at the EB Games Expo 2012. EB Game's second...

Navy Big Game – ‘Walshy’ and ‘StrongSide’ Ready to Face Against Australia’s Best Gamers at EB Games Expo 2012

On the 14th September 2012, EB Games announced a sizable batch of announcements for next months EB Games Expo held in Sydney, Australia. These announcements, ranging from event to game preview announcements can be read in my article "New...
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