Udon’s Street Fighter Manga Feature of Latest Humble Comics Bundle

For many years now, Udon Entertainment has been creating and publishing manga works based on Capcom’s long-running fighting video game series Street Fighter – providing lore to the characters players have brawled against one another. If this is your first time hearing about this, or are looking to build upon your digital collection of these works, you may want to swing across to the Humble Bundle website to check out the latest offer.

For the next 12 days (until 18 November 2020), Udon Entertainment and Humble Bundle are partnering up to offer the Humble Comics Bundle: Street Fighter by Udon. With users able to set their own price from $1.39 AUD, on offer is a sizable collection of Capcom Comics – including the complete Street Fighter and Darkstalkers graphic novel collections, three Capcom Tribute Art Books and more.. All of these are available DRM-free.

By paying at least $1.39 AUD, you will receive the following:

  • Street Fighter V: Volume 1
  • Street Fighter Unlimited: Volume 1
  • Street Fighter Legends Cammy
  • Street Fighter IV Volume 1
  • Darkstalkers Volume 1
  • Street Fighter Classic Volume 1

By paying at least $11.13 AUD, you will also receive the following:

  • All $1.39 AUD benefits
  • Darkstalkers Tribute
  • Street Fighters V Volume 2
  • Street Fighter Classic Volume 2
  • Street Fighter Classic Volume 3
  • Street Fighter Classic Volume 4
  • Street Fighter VS Darkstalkers Volume 1
  • Street Fighters Unlimited Volume 2
  • Street Fighter Legends Chun-Li

By paying at least $20.87 AUD, you will also receive the following:

  • Capcom Fighting Tribute
  • Street Fighter Tribute
  • Darkstalkers Volume 2
  • Super Street Fighter Omnibus Volume 1
  • Street Fighter Origins: Akuma
  • Street Fighter VS Darkstalkers Volume 2
  • Street Fighter Classic Volume 5
  • Street Fighter Legends Ibuki
  • Street Fighter Legends Sakura

The money you pay towards receiving this bundle will be split between the Humble Store, Udon Entertainment and the Hero Initiative charity.


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