Seven Seas Entertainment Announce AIRSHIP Light Novel Imprint

North American publisher of manga and light novels, Seven Seas Entertainment, has this week confirmed a new imprint for their company going forward. Different from their current Ghost Ship imprint which is targeted at presenting works targeted towards mature readers, the newly announced AIRSHIP imprint will be aimed purely at light novel fans.

The new Airship Logo will be included on novels and light novels published by Seven Seas Entertainment from January 2021, with the imprint to be expanded to their back-catalogue over time. Want to know what to expect from Airship? The first new announcements are due to be made by Seven Seas on Monday 30 November 2020.

We’ve been publishing light novels from Japan since 2006, when there were only a handful in the North American market. But in the last several years, we’ve dramatically expanded, so that light novels now comprise about twenty-five percent of our yearly title list. We’ve also developed a successful digital-early program for our light novel titles. With all this growth, we’re happy to give light novels the special attention they deserve in their own Airship imprint.

Jason DeAngelis – Seven Seas Publisher


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