Harrowing Tales Await in Kodansha Comics’ Latest ‘Terrifying Tales’ Humble Bundle

Would you like to support fantastic organisations including Doctors Without Borders and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) while also adding a sizable chunk of volumes to your digital manga collection? For the next 23 days you can do so, with Kodansha Comics partnering up with Humble Bundle to offer the ‘Humble Manga Bundle: Terrifying Tales by Kodansha’.

Those who like the slightly more macabre or harrowing, contributing from $1.40 AUD onwards will net you a sizable collection of digital manga works from series including Kasane, In/Spectre, Princess Resurrection, Sankarea and more. When purchasing the bundle, the amount you pay will be split between Kodansha comics, charities and Humble Bundle, with you as the purchaser being able to determine the split between the three.

Want to see what manga is on offer? Click HERE. Alternatively, scroll down for the (AUD) price breakdown as of writing (may be subject to change due to exchange rates).

$1.40 AUD

PTSD Radio Volumes 1-5, Dragon Head Volumes 1-5, Kasane Volumes 1-7 and Gleipnir Volume 1

$11.24 AUD

Kasane Volumes 8-14, Dragon Head Volume 6-10, Until Your Bones Rot Volumes 1-7, In/Spectre Volume 1 and Princess Resurrection Volumes 1-5

$14.06 AUD

Inuyashiki Volumes 1-5, Starving Anonymous Volumes 1-7, Dolly Kill Kill Volume 1, In/Spectre Volumes 2-4, Princess Resurrection Volumes 6-10 and Sankarea Volumes 1-5

$21.09 AUD

Happiness Volumes 1-5, Inuyashiki Volumes 6-10, Fort of Apocalypse Volumes 1-7, In/Spectre Volumes 5-8, Princess Resurrection Volumes 11-15, Sankarea Volumes 6-11 and To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Volumes 1-4

$28.12 AUD

Happiness Volumes 6-10, Can You Just Die My Darling Volumes 1-7, Museum Volumes 1-3, Princess Resurrection Volumes 16-20, To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Volumes 5-7, NOiSE, In/Spectre Volumes 9-11, Princess Resurrection Nightmare Volumes 1-3, Junji Ito’s Cat Diary: Yon & Mu Volume 1 and Dissolving Classroom


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