Skeb Introduces ‘Conditional Resend Request’ Functionality For Commissions

One of the big issues with Skeb, in my opinion, is that due to the requirement that clients and artists do not communicate with each other regarding a request, it can be a pain in the backside knowing if there was a reason your request was rejected. While not completely removing the ambiguity, Skeb has released a new Conditional Resend Request function.

How this works is that, if artists like your idea but they have an issue with your request, they can ask that you resend the request rather than straight out cancel it. Clients will receive a notification from the service, stating that they should amend their request and re-send it, potentially without the usual time-limited financial penalty which comes with having a cancelled request.

Skeb Introduces 'Conditional Resend Request' Functionality For Commissions 1

Reasons that artists provide include:

  • The reference URL provided by the client is not accessible
  • Changing the display setting on Skeb profiles (ie. If the piece is not something the artist would usually draw but are interested in doing your commission, they may request you made it invisible on the Skeb website)
  • Changing a request setting from SFW –> NSFW
  • Request to increase the amount of money

While having an optional messaging system built into Skeb would probably be ideal (which can be deactivated by artist or client), at least this is a step in the right direction given the penalties that can build up after just a few failed requests (Eg. 10,000 yen minimum to 11,000 yen minimum to 15,000 yen minimum).


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