Skeb Continues 3.9% Request Fee Campaign For Foreseeable Future

For those not aware of the service, SKEB is a website which allows clients to pitch paid requests to thousands of Japanese artists. What sets it apart from others, despite the sheer number of artists actively using the service, is that it features integration with the DeepL machine learning translation platform, allowing you to submit requests in English or any number of other languages supported by the service. You can read my in-depth review on the service HERE.

This news may not directly impact clients, as those outside of Japan are unable to use the service as an artist unless they have a Japanese bank account, but it may see more artists encouraged to take requests. Typically, Skeb would take a somewhat moderate 6.8% – 13.6% request fee from the artist, depending on whether they advertised their Skeb URL on their Twitter profile. Back in September they changed the 6.8% (for those with their Skeb URL on Twitter) request fee to 3.9% for a trial period. This means that more of your money goes from request goes to the artist.

Skeb has confirmed that the request fee campaign, due to be held until 6 December 2020, has been extended indefinitely. To see which artists are accepting requests at this time, visit the Skeb Website.

This announcement coincides with Pixiv’s recent announcement that their own request service will have its reduced commission fee continued until next month.

This article, translated into Japanese via DeepL (Which Skeb Uses)

SKEBとは、日本の数千人のアーティストに有料のリクエストを送ることができるサイトです。積極的にサービスを利用しているアーティストの数の多さにも関わらず、他のサイトとの違いは、DeepL 機械学習翻訳プラットフォームと統合されており、英語やサービスがサポートしている他の言語でもリクエストを提出することができる点です。このサービスについての私の詳細なレビューはこちらで読むことができます




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