HIDIVE Celebrate Success of Oshi no Ko on Their Streaming Platform

In a celebratory announcement shared by the team at HIDIVE, it has been announced that the North American debut of Oshi no Ko on 12 April 2023 has set new records for them, becoming the streaming platform’s most successful series launch ever. Within its first week, the anime drama skyrocketed to the top spot in total streams and new subscribers, not only for the Spring 2023 season but also all-time. The series also broke HIDIVE’s trial starts records, with the highest number of trials added in the platform’s history.

Oshi no Ko first premiered in North America following a special 90-minute first episode screening at Anime Boston. The plot revolves around pregnant starlet Ai Hoshino, who seeks the help of Dr. Gorou Amemiya to deliver her child secretly and avoid scandal. Tragically, Gorou is killed by Ai’s obsessed stalker but is reincarnated as her child, Aquamarine Hoshino. The series explores the dark side of the entertainment industry as Aquamarine and his sister Ruby help their mother navigate the world of showbiz.

HIDIVE President John Ledford expressed delight over the overwhelmingly positive fan response, attributing the series’ success to its unique story and captivating characters:

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the premiere of Oshi no Ko and we’re absolutely elated with the response from fans during its first week. Oshi no Ko is a truly one-of-a-kind anime series and its success to date really illustrates how much the story and characters have resonated with fans. There is so much more to come with the show!”

Oshi no Ko is adapted from the award-winning seinen manga by Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari. The series is produced by studio Doga Kobo and features direction by Daisuke Hiramaki and Chao Nekotomi, writing by Jin Tanaka, character design by Kanna Hirayama, and music by Takuro Iga.


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