CrunchyRoll Acquires Rights to 2023 Anime, ‘Trigun Stampede’ from Toho

Jumping ahead into their plans for 2023, international anime streaming service CrunchyRoll has confirmed they now hold the rights to Trigun Stampede, a successor to Toho classic Trigun. CrunchyRoll plans to make each episode available via simulcast in more than 200 countries and territories across the world, as they air in Japan. More information on specifics will be confirmed closer to release.

More information on Trigun Stampede will be announced at Anime Expo 2022, during a panel hosted by CrunchyRoll on Saturday 2 July 2022 at 8pm at the JW Marriott Hotel. The author Yasuhiro Nightow and producers of the show are slated to appear on stage to discuss the series and behind-the-scenes of the production. Panelists alongside Yasuhiro Nightow will include, Kouji Tajima (designer), Kiyotaka Waki (producer, Orange), Yoshihiro Watanabe (producer, Orange), and Katsuhiro Takei (producer, Toho).

For those unawares, Trigun originated as an action manga series by Yasuhiro Hightow, that follows the story of Vash the Stampede, a legendary gunman and a pacifist with a bounty on his head. It was first adapted into a TV anime back in 1998, so like other incredibly popular anime series from the time, it is getting a reboot.


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