Madman Entertainment Hold (Up to) 70% Off Sale via Online Store

Reside in Australia and after some super cheap anime, manga or merchandise? Publisher Madman Entertainment has today commenced a ‘Winter Sale’ via their online store, offering discounts of up to 70% on a range of their products. While you will probably not find their $100ish dollar collection of Persona 5 the Animation discounted, there are a lot of great shows available at a great price.

While pre-orders are excluded and vouchers are not available to be applied to items that are part of the sale, Madman typically offer free shipping for all online purchases over $75.00, with a flat rate of $7 shipping for orders under that price. Of course, as always, be sure to check your order page before purchasing.

To check out what is on sale, click HERE to be taken to Madman Entertainment’s official website.


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