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A Look Into Starfield Through Anthology of Videos

Seeking to highlight the different people and cultures across the stars in Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios has shared a new trio of animated videos under the title ‘The Settled Systems – A Starfield Animated Anthology’. Each video, coming in at around three minutes apiece, focuses on a different major city found in Starfield, through the lens of a different lens.

Follow a delivery pilot in New Atlantis seeking the exciting life of the elite; a stranded orphan looking for a way out of Akila City; and two street rats struggling to survive in the underbelly of Neon.

Each of the videos can be found at the bottom of this post.

Developed by Bethesda Softworks, Starfield will be released exclusively on the Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC starting 6 September 2023.

Supra Et Ultra

In the city of New Atlantis, capital of the United Colonies, a courier pilot named Kent aspires to live in the most desirable part of the Settled Systems. After joining the UC Vanguard and working his way up to the Capital’s elite, Kent quickly realises the adventures waiting for him off-planet are what he truly longed for.

Where Hope is Built

Vanna—an Akila City orphan of the famous Colony Wars—desperately wants to explore the stars, and only one thing is standing in her way: a working ship. Her search for repair parts leads her throughout the city, and into some unexpected danger, as she closes in on her dream.

The Hand that Feeds

Two Neon street rats, Ada and Harper, are partners in crime eking out a living stealing from the wealthy partygoers that come to the “pleasure city” to let loose. When Ada is forced into a moral dilemma, she quickly catches the attention of the all-seeing Ryujin industries, bringing her an exciting new opportunity. But at what cost?

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