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The Hunt For Resistance Weapons Commences in Final Fantasy XIV Tomorrow

A somewhat less enthusiastic Lalafell than usual

Zodiac Weapon… Anima Weapon… Eureka Weapon…

Every expansion for Final Fantasy XIV since A Realm Reborn has had its distinctive form of ‘Relic Weapon’. These are extraordinary weapons with unique shiny glows which players would have to unlock and progressively develop as they progressed through each’s post-launch content. While some such as the Zodiac and Anima weapons required you to grind roulettes, dungeons and trials as you progressed through their respective quests; the Eurekan weapons (and armour) were part of an incredibly lengthy set of four Eureka maps inspired by Final Fantasy XI and featured a separate levelling system.

While many thrived off the Eureka content, others such as myself dropped off after the second or third map – the grind associated with them being less appealing than other new content offered with each major patch.

As part of Patch 5.25 due to release tomorrow, players will begin a new quest titled Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr to unlock the first tiers of Resistance Weapons. There is an air of mystery around what this content will entail. However, it will take players back to Doma and Ala Mihgo (primary settings for Shadowbringers), and also involve Bozja, the homeland of the Hrothgar race. Familiar and new faces alike will appear during this questline, including those who were retconned from the Shadowbringers narrative due to it taking place in ‘The First’.

The Story of Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr

For years, Bozja─homeland of the Hrothgar─has remained at the mercy of Garlean rulers. But the Empire has fallen into disarray, and the people of Doma and Ala Mhigo have risen up to challenge their authority. The Bozjans, while heartened at this news, yet lack the means to join the rebellion. To that end, they seek a standard under which their people may gather. A weapon of legend…

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