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Pre-Registration Opens for Square Enix’s Upcoming Mobile RPG – Guardian Codex



Square Enix have delivered a number of mobile games over the years, ranging from those based around major IPs (Including Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts), to more distinct offerings such as Guardian Cross and Deadman’s Cross. From the same creative team behind the two aforementioned card battle games, it has been confirmed that players will be able to experience a new multiplayer mobile RPG titled Guardian Codex.

To be available on both iOS and Android devices, Guardian Codex is a free-to-play RPG which claims to feature a “deep story”, “console-quality 3D graphics” and an “engaging multiplayer battle system”. Players will soon be able to see how true these claims are, with pre-registration now open via the game’s official website.


By participating in this pre-registration period, players will unlock in-game rewards for themselves. This includes the ‘4★ Banshee’ for playable usage, and in-game coins which can be used for in-game lottery draws (Presumably comparable to the Gacha system found in several smartphone games) and replenishing stamina.

With a release date listed as “This Spring”, expect to hear more about or even play Guardian Codex in the next couple of months.

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