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IRL Shooter to Offer Players Option to Join the Infected With Zombie-Player Teams

With their fundraising event for IRL Shooter Sydney continuing, the team behind the upcoming live-action zombie-shooting event have confirmed that there will be another team for players to join asides from the “Human Team”. Following fan requests, they will now be allowing players to become zombies – complete with “bites” that will damage (and perhaps shock) other players to earn experience points.

As part of a Pozible fundraising campaign, IRL Shooter must achieve its target to bring the game to Sydney. Anyone interested in playing should pledge support now and invite their friends to do the same, or risk missing out completely. Therefore in order to entice more people to pledge towards this campaign and see this game become a reality in Sydney later this year… they have announced three new promotions:

  • $50 “The Infected” Ticket – Become a zombie! For just $50, zombie enthusiasts will get the chance to be one of evil Dr. Klaas’s faithful undead horde with the aim of chasing players inside the game venue. Their infrared ‘bites’ will damage the players & earn the zombie points & XP for their character. Get your undead friends together now!


  • Free Paintball – everyone who buys a full-priced ticket for IRL will get 10 free passes plus 100 free paintballs each (1000 for the whole group) – valued at over $500, courtesy of Ultimate Paintball. With two sites in Sydney, Ultimate Paintball are the biggest and best paintball fields in NSW. This deal gets you over $500 worth of FREE paintball for you and your squad. It’s the perfect way to train for IRL and it saves you money.


  • The Vixen Gamer – everyone who buys a ticket in February will get the chance to play on a team with The Vixen Gamer (Clare Costigan). Clare is a writer, presenter and gamer; she recently signed to represent IRL Shooter online. Order your ticket this month and team up with Clare!

Unfortunately despite being about half-way through their campaign (Ending in 40 Days time on the 16th March 2014 at 00:00AM EST), they have only raised $92,858 out of their target $1,000,000 goal. You can pledge funds HERE.

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