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European Trademark Filed for Tales of Zestiria

For those who have not been following the trademark saga over the last month, Namco Bandai in Japan have been following their usual trend and filing trademarks for a number of potential future Tales series titles before finally choosing to work with one. With the sheer number it was pretty clear they were aiming for more than one title (That was recently confirmed to be the mobile title Tales of Link), but it has recently been unveiled that the company filed for a single trademark in Europe… Tales of Zestiria.

While nothing has been formally announced yet, signs are pointing towards the next Tales game being Tales of Zestiria and potentially us not having to wait so long for an international release of the game given trademarks have now started to be filed around the world.

Irrespectively, there are currently two Tales releases planned for 2014 – Tales of Symphonia Chronicles an Tales of Xillia 2, both for the Playstation 3.

[Source: Siliconera]

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