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Ubisoft Launch Spartacus: Legends on the Playstation Network


Ubisoft have today confirmed that their free-to-play title Spartacus: Legends, based on the Starz! original series is now available for download via the Playstation Network service. This is the companies first ever free-to-play title on the console, and follows on from an original Xbox Live Arcade release of Spartacus: Legends back in June 2013.

Ubisoft claim that the game delivers a “deep and robust fighting game experience with intense visceral combat, ruthless and varied armour and weapons, eight unique and customisable fight styles, and devastating multiplayer action“. I have yet to try out the title so I cannot vouch for their claims.

Set during the late Roman Empire, the game puts players in charge of their own stable of gladiators, with the goal of raising the most powerful house of warriors in all of Capua. Players follow in the footsteps of Spartacus as he grows from a mere slave to near mythological status as the Champion of the Capua and Bringer of Rain.

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