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Kazuma Kiryu Is Not the Only One to Appear in Binary Domain’s Multiplayer Mode

As the first non-Yakuza game from the the Studio Ryu Ga Gotoku team, Binary Domain has already had an announcement that Yakuza main character Kazuma Kiryu would be appearing as a crossover character within the multiplayer mode. It turns out that he would not be the only one joining in on the futuristic action, with the announcement that fellow Yakuza: Dead Souls (Yakuza: Of the End) playable characters Shun Akiyama, Ryuji Goda and Goro Majima will also appear in the multiplayer mode, each donning a different outfit for Government and Resistance parties.

While I assume these will be released soon upon the international versions release on the 23rd February, in Japan, those with the Playstation 3 version will be able to pick up Akiyama on the 28th Feb, Goda on the 6th March and Majima on the 13th March – while those with the XBox360 version can pick all three up on the 13th of March. Irrelevant of the console, all three will be free.

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