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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Begins to Receive Television Commercials in Japan

While we have to wait until very early February for our release of Final Fantasy XIII-2, a sequel of last years release of Final Fantasy XIII (and hopefully a much improved version.... it has a jump button... that counts...

A Fun Little Finding Neverland Online / Eden Eternal TV Commercial

As you can tell, with it being the Thanksgiving long weekend and also weekend in Australia and Japan, news has been extremely slow, so thought I would dig around at some online games to check out when Eden Eternal...

Japanese Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer Shows That Sazh Is Also Set to Return

I think it is safe to say that all characters from Final Fantasy XIII will make an appearance sometime during the game, however in a Japanese commercial for a TV show due to air a day before the games...

Japanese Boy Band Arashi Help Promote Mario Kart 7 in Japan with a Set of Commercials

Set of four trailers featuring Arashi Pure-gameplay Trailers

Take a Look at Two Ni no Kuni Live Action Commercials

At the Level-5 Vision conference in October, it was announced that the Playstation 3 release of Ni no Kuni would beĀ receivingĀ a set of live action commercials for it. The first two have just been unveiled, featuring child actress Mana...

Super Mario 3D Land – Japanese TV Commercials

In Japan, Nintendo have released a number of TV commercials to promote their pending release of Super Mario 3D Land on the Nintendo 3DS, which once again has Mario going after his Princess who has fallen into the hands...
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