Persona 5

[Video] Persona 5 – Explore Labyrinth-like Palaces Defeating and/or Negotiating With Shadows

With the games themselves set in a somewhat realistic society, the most recent Persona games have seen the protagonists defeat shadows in areas which most humans are unable to access. Battles in Persona 3 for example took place in the halls of...

[Video] Persona 5 – Haru Okumura Character Trailer

As the obedient daughter of an affluent business man, Haru Okumura (English VA: Xanthe Huynh) might not be someone you would at first associate with the Phantom Thieves.

[Video] Persona 5 – Story Trailer

Have you been hankering for another look at Persona 5, especially now there is a longer wait until its western release? ATLUS USA have this weekend shared their newest "Story Trailer" for the game.
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