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Sentai Filmworks to Host Makoto Shinkai at Anime Expo 2013 for The Garden of Words English-Dub Premiere

While it may not be as big as this years Gold Coast Film Festival that hosted the world premiere of The Garden of Words a month before even Japan had it screening in cinemas, Sentai Filmworks are aiming towards hosting the next best premiere possible with them confirming plans to invite legendary developer Makoto Shinkai to Anime Expo 2013. Sentai Filmworks is the North American licensee of the film and are planning to release it on DVD and Blu-ray this August.

In celebration of the director being at the event, they will be holding the official English language premiere of the film. Makoto Shinkai is to appear at the event on both the 6th and 7th of July with the premiere taking place on the 6th at 3PM in what is being called Video Room 1 at the convention. The film is quite short, coming in at only 45 minutes but still packs a rather engaging storyline and the usual scenery porn we have come to know and expect from his films.

For a review of the film you can’t pass up reading mine HERE, and while you are at it consider checking out my interview with the man himself HERE.

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