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Supanova: Brisbane 2011 Live Blog

As I have stated previously, I will be attending Supanova this year, and have decided to go for the Saturday and quite possibly the Sunday event. Due to the new anime and all that being announced, I have decided to produce this live blog to post all the latest events and happenings! This is of course battery wise, since android phones are known for a very average battery life!



Twilight payout joke….. DOUBLE WINNING


Lazer Swords…. #WINNING


Mmmmm Sexy sexy Drew…..


Fourth was based on the show black rock shooter. Uniform scene inspired by stripped :p. Very very good!


Dunno what the third cosplay was….still interesting through….


First two up in madman cosplay championship….. Digimon and Shino from hack//gu. Very good….


Those wanting to watch the cosplay comp….. the line is building up fast…..


Possible VOD from Siren in future… also, if Tatami Galaxy is in English, they will also release it here.


No more hentai from Siren Visual…. if you were wondering….


Can’t see anyone cosplaying as Sakutarou 


Panty and Stocking stuff seems plentiful this time round 


Bought a lot of stuff… crowds are not live blogging friendly. Now waiting for Siren Visual panel… They sadly aren’t able to announce their upcoming EXCITING new title. 


Helensvale Station…. best display so far…. look forward to seeing the other people who join us on the nova train!


Am now on the train up to Nova…. it is obvious a lot of the people here are headed the same way…. Excitement: 70%


It was announced a few hours ago that Supanova will be making its way to the Gold Coast next year…. good for those who do not like navigating around the city ^_^


Keep an eye out for all the latest happenings on this Saturday and Sunday!


After that, my phone decided to cut all power…. so that is the end ofthe live blog. It was my first time doing a convention, so I hope next time I will be able to improve on the live blogging a lot more. Thanks for reading it through!

My thoughts and summary coming up in the next hour.

Also, my computer came back in today, so reviews should be restarted next week!

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