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Anime Shuuken – Anime Store Review

Store Name: Anime Shuuken
Address: 1B/76 Robina Town Centre Drive, Gold Coast, Australia 4226 (Google Maps)
Phone Number: (07) 55 787 072
Store Size:
Specializes In: Anime, Manga, Figures, Toys, Snacks and Drinks, Miscellaneous Otaku-related toys.
Official Website: Click Here
Official Facebook Page:Click Here
Credits: Credits for all the images go to the Anime Shuuken staff…. I took them all off the facebook page as I thought it would be awkward taking photos myself =P. They are of the store when it first opened a year ago and some things have changed in the store since then.

Blurb: “Anime Shuuken is a relatively new anime store, which opened last year, however has remained as one of the primary Anime Stores on the Gold Coast. Whilst it may be a small store, the staff are very friendly and they have regularly updated stock with all the new titles from Madman, Siren Visual and a number of other English and Japanese companies.

Read on for my review of Anime Shuuken! 

Anime Shuuken is my local anime store, and I will be honest that I haven’t been buying as many products as I have previously, however it has always been reassuring that I can always get a big hit of anything in relation to otaku when I need to. Every time I have been into the store, I have always been quickly greeted by all the staff and the whole atmosphere of the store is very laid back and nothing too serious.

Their stock levels of Anime and Manga are always very good, with the shelves filled with many titles both new and old, and you are almost certainly bound to find something new to read. They get the new titles in quite quickly and often faster then most other distributors of anime and manga in the area and they also usually get in bonus goodies, such as from what I have read, bonus posters (??) for Durarara!! from Siren Visual. (EDIT: Just this minute, I just got word that Anime Shuuken has a semi-exclusive Tatami Galaxy poster for those who purchase the title from them)

I am not really one for collecting Toys, so I don’t really go looking for them, however last time I was in their store a week back, they were running low of Figure’s, however other times and their shelves have been quite full. They do have a fair few wall scrolls on the wall and available for purchase, and a huge tray in the middle of the store filled with various toys, ranging from pillows to other items that may be to your fancy. They also have a fridge filled with various drinks and other snacks that seem to be quite popular, but I have never worked up the courage to try some of them….. I sadly don’t think I have the tasting palate for them.

What I like about the store is that they have a television in the middle of the store showcasing new titles. On that note, they also have several events including movie nights and drawing events, all of which are advertised instore and on their facebook page, which is very active. I have never actually been to one of these events, due to clashing timetables, however friends of mine that have gone have said they are pretty good.

In terms of price, their products are usually cheaper then other suppliers of anime/manga in the local area by a fair few dollars, and their supply is decent enough that you shouldn’t have much problem finding what you are after. I believe they also do orders so you should be able to get the stock in, and requests are often taken on their facebook page as well. If you want to find the store, just drive down Robina Town Centre Drive and look for the shop that has a lot of Anime Stuff posted on the doors and windows.

All I can say is, I will continue shopping here whenever I can! For those attending the Brisbane Supanova, Anime Shuuken will have a stall there. You can find them at Stall 43 on the map you will be given at the door, or which you can get on the Supanova Official Website.

Final Score

I am not exactly sure how I am going to be reviewing a store yet, so this is going to potentially change in the future.

Stock: B+
Product Variety: A
Staff Friendliness: A
Events: B
External Activities (Facebook, Promos, Website etc): B

Overall Score: B+

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