Want Another Opinion?

higukaifeatured Want Another Opinion?

Let The Otaku’s Study point you in the right direction for further opinions

Have you seen a particular game or anime title which you are interested in – have read my review of and while leaning either one direction or the other are not entirely certain of if you want to purchase it or not? At The Otaku’s Study, we believe you should not just rely on our word – as our tastes are not necessarily in sync with your tastes in a series (Although this is usually taken into consideration during our reviews). Therefore while you could easily do a search on a search engine – I have provided a list of some sites I also use when checking out what older titles I want to purchase.

Do you have a good site and would like consideration to be added to this list? While we don’t necessarily accept anyone just send me a link to your site through the CONTACT page and I will take it into future consideration. I don’t necessarily care for how big or small the site is as long as it is regularly updated and provides well written reviews or news!