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Store Benefits Previewed for Monobeno: Pure Smile

Store Benefits Previewed for Monobeno: Pure Smile

by SamJuly 29, 2014
Sofmap - B2 Tapestry – B2 Tapestry

Similar to how some publishers in the west like to offer bonus DLC to gamers depending on what retailers they buy a game from, Japanese visual novel developers often offer a variety of different physical goodies at different stores. The Monobeno: Pure Smile official website has recently been updated to highlight some of the goodies that will be available with the game which it launches across Japan on the PlayStation Vita in September 2014.

Unfortunately those looking to import may have some struggle getting their hands on the items they want, however at the very least feel free to take a look at the sample artwork above and below.

*Unlike the PC releases of Monobeno and Monobeno: Happy End, Monobeno: Pure Smile is an all-new all-ages edition. Omitted eroge content will be replaced by five brand new chapters.

AmiAmi - Book Card – Book Card

kaki_01_ima – Fabric Poster

Gamers - A3 Tapestry – A3 Tapestry

COMG!- QUO Card – QUO Card

トレーダー様 - B2 Tapestry – B2 Tapestry

Neowing - Microfibre Cloth – Microfibre Cloth - Prepaid Phone Card – Prepaid Phone Card - Tapestry – Tapestry

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