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Sekai Project Announces Some Fantastic KEY News at Anime Expo 2014 – Planetarian Headed to Steam

Sekai Project Announces Some Fantastic KEY News at Anime Expo 2014 – Planetarian Headed to Steam

by SamJuly 4, 2014


Despite having a large fanbase in western markets, boosted by the highly successful anime releases of series such as Clannad, Kanon and Little Busters!, KEY have never really been big in the international market in terms of their critically acclaimed all-ages and eroge visual novel releases. A tweet from Visual Arts president Baba Takahiro the other night indicated that some small step towards embracing the international market could be made at Anime Expo 2014. While it may not be the news all fans were hoping for, it is a first step in what will hopefully be the right direction.

Sekai Project have confirmed that they have formed a partnership with KEY to bring their visual novel Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ (planetarian ~Dream of Little Star~) to the Steam service for PC devices later this year. This release will be based on the same Memorial Edition that the iOS edition is based on, and will feature full voice-acting in addition to a new English localization. Of course, if you don’t want to wait, you can already purchase it from the App Store.

Will this release lead to a localization of Little Busters!?, Kanon? Kud Wafter: All Ages Edition? Time will tell!

You may also recall the Key 15th project, a project amongst the international KEY fanbase to compile an anthology of fanart, messages and photographs to present to KEY for their 15th Anniversary. Cloud668 from the project has today confirmed that Sekai Project will be assisting in getting the anthology to the studio in the coming months.

[Special Thanks: Kazamatsuri & @Aspirety]

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