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Monobeno: Pure Smile to Feature Extra Scenarios, Two New Characters

Monobeno: Pure Smile to Feature Extra Scenarios, Two New Characters

by SamJune 30, 2014


Visual novel ports from the PC to either the PlayStation Portable or PlayStation Vita are not uncommon to see, irrespective of if the source title was an all-ages or 18+ eroge title. While there may be some lee-way with fanservice inclined content, most of the time any erotic content is written out of the game. Titles such as Kud Wafter: Converted Edition in the transition from 18+ to All-Ages introduced some additional content to the main game to justify the purchase. The same will go with Lose’s PS Vita adaptation of Monobeno titled Monobeno: Pure Smile.

Dramatic Create, who are handling the port, have confirmed that they will be introducing at least five extra scenarios in their port, in addition to introducing two new characters for them – Akae Yuki [赤江 ゆき (あかえ ゆき)] and Teppō Utare Tanuki’s human form [鉄砲撃レ狸 (てっぽう うたれ たぬき)].

Sample CG artwork from all five chapters are available below:

Akane Yuki

Akane Yuki

Teppō Utare Tanuki (Human Form)

Teppō Utare Tanuki (Human Form)






Monobeno: Pure Smile is set for release in Japan on September 25th, 2014 as either a standard edition for 6,900 yen and a limited edition at 8,900 yen. There is almost no chance for an Western release – not only due to its source material but even just the fact that visual novel releases on consoles outside of Japan are a rarity.

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