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KEY’s Visual Novel “Rewrite” to Launch on the PlayStation Portable Next Month

KEY’s Visual Novel “Rewrite” to Launch on the PlayStation Portable Next Month

by SamMarch 14, 2014


Following an announcement of their plans last year, Prototype (Who have been behind the console ports of Little Busters!, Kud Wafter etc.) have confirmed that their PlayStation Portable edition will be available for purchase within Japan on April 17th 2014.

This edition will feature additional CG artwork and newly produced dialogue for unvoiced characters, including minor characters who do not play any form of role in the storyline itself. There will also be the option to save screenshots of artwork from the game to use as wallpaper on the PSP or assumingly transfer it over to your computer and use for whatever other reason. At this point in time only the PlayStation Portable edition has a release date, with a comparable PS Vita version also in the works by Prototype.

Rewrite was originally produced by KEY for release in 2011. Like most of their other visual novel releases, there are no plans on publishing Rewrite in the international market. I wouldn’t be getting my hopes up however, to date some of their greatest series have only been available in the anime format.

[Source: Official Website]

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