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Kud Wafter Converted Edition Headed to the Playstation Vita

Kud Wafter Converted Edition Headed to the Playstation Vita

by SamSeptember 19, 2013


Following a Converted Edition release on the Playstation Portable earlier this year and a similar All-Ages release on the PC by KEY / Visual Arts, Prototype have today announced that Kud Wafter Converted Edition is headed to the Playstation Vita on the 19th December 2013 in Japan at the price of 5,460 yen.

Kud Wafter is a spin-off title following on from the events of the visual novel Little Busters! It primarily follows Riki Naoe and Kudryavka “Kud” Noumi, who due to a flood in the male dormitories are left spending their vacation in the same dormitory room. From there… a relationship blossoms. While many of the Little Busters! characters do not make an appearance in this title, a number of characters do return and are supported by an entirely new character cast.

Kud Wafter was originally released as an R18+ eroge title back in 2010 and has seen been adapted into the all ages “Converted Edition” with new CG artwork and events to compensate. While I have never played the visual novel, I did review the artbook White Fairy: Kudryavka Noumi Photo Album back in June which features artwork from the visual novel which can be read HERE.

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