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NIS America Respond to Complaints About New Europe Online Store

NIS America Respond to Complaints About New Europe Online Store

by SamJuly 4, 2014


Responding to issues and complaints made by PAL-region gamers regarding their new European Online Store, Nippon Ichi Software America have issued a public statement on the stores website. The entire, unedited statement is available below:

At NISA, We strive to deliver world class products and experiences to our customers. Part Of accomplishing that is meeting the needs of our customers as efficiently, and positively as possible. On July 1, We officially launched our European Online Store As a part of that effort. We Recognize that this transition has been difficult for a number of our customers, and offer our sincerest apologies for any difficulties that this transition has caused.  

We Would like to ask you to bear with us during this transition, as we are confident that opening the European Online Store Is in the best interests of our customers. Since Our US Online store’s launch eight years ago, we have been providing carefully crafted Limited Edition Products to the Western Hemisphere. We Are aware that some customers have been importing and loving these Limited Edition Products in the European region. The Goal of our European Online Store Is to provide these Limited Edition Products to this region with better service, quicker, more efficient shipping, and better support.


There have been difficulties with the launch of the new store—as there are for any international venture—but we sincerely believe that if you stick with us, the European Online Store Will provide an overall better experience and better access to our products for our loyal customers in the European region. We Recognize that the limited anime and merchandise selection is disconcerting to some of you, but rest assured that we are doing our best to ensure access to all of our products. In The meantime, our anime products may still be purchased from other select online retailers.


To Provide a little peace of mind for our existing European customers, and calm at least some of the concerns that we have heard, we would like to let you know that we will be honouring the point system used on our US Online store for existing European Customers at a one to one ratio as soon as the system merge has been completed. This Means that if you have 500 Points on the US Online store ($5.00 value) we will be transferring those points to the EU Store at a £5.00 value.


We are here for our customers, and we are doing our best to live up to your high expectations.


To stay informed of all future changes to our online stores and to keep up to date on our catalogue, please follow us on social media and subscribe to our Prinny Bomb.


NIS America & Europe Store Team

July 04, 2014


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  • Tenetan

    Better when? What will happen is that I need to pay about 50%+ more for the collectors edition, and since it’s PAL and that you guys refuse to release DLC’s for many many many games in Scandinavia I’m left out with even more content then others. Basically I cannot whatever see where the better service came from? Because it ain’t there.

    There is no better service what so ever for us, we are just being milked to hell and if prices isn’t fixed you lost me as a customer, I already own almost all of your collectors editions already but from now on I won’t bet getting any more.